• Andy Glaves

We're On Our Way!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

On Saturday October 16th, 3 of our startup committee, and one stowaway took the long journey south to Beaconsfield to be initiated into Nelson Cork Lodge, our sponsoring Cork Lodge.

All four of them had a great night and helped to raise over £1000 for local children's charities, they also took with them a bottle of Hendersons Relish to educate the Southerners on the virtues and benefits of 'Broomhill Bath Watter'... a far superior conndiment!

As we now have Cork members in our ranks, we are well on track for the launch in March, details will be coming out very soon of officer positions available from day 1 and we look forward to a visit by Nelson Cork Lodge to help us set sail!

Nelson Corks can be found at

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